Lumbini Expo 2069

I don’t think i’d ever ever seen so many people outside of Kathmandu before my visit to Lumbini Expo 2069 in Butwal. It was really crowded!!! and it was of course, a lot of fun. People come from all over the area to the Expo each year. It’s the usual kind of expo like we have at Bhrikutimandap, but in a grander scale and with more variety of things on display – like big big TRACTORS!!! hahaha, i’d never been to an expo with huge tractors on display. Well, it is the Terai. We don’t get heavy machinery for cultivation in the hills. And so, while it might seem quite silly, that was new to me.

I have a friend in the Rotaract Club of Butwal and it was through him that we found out about the Expo and he insisted that we visit. We were not so up for it but when we got there, we had fun. We rode on the Ferris Wheel, which wasn’t as scary actually….what was scarier was watching people ride on bikes and drive cars inside this circular wooden pit or whatever you call it. That was really really scary . I wonder how people can put their fears behind and carry out such stunts…it was amazing and yet, in a way, it was also sad that they were doing this for a living…I’d never seen three cars being driven around the pit at the same time. I didn’t take pictures while they were performing…it was too nerve racking to watch. I think this experience alone was enough for me.

The Rotaract Club of Butwal organizes Bingo during the Expo each year and it is one of the most popular programs at the Expo. They basically fund raise for their club and its activities. It was fun to watch people playing Bingo….from the stage. hahaha…Well, I got to be a guest of the organizers and sit on the stage (do asan grahan..hahahaha). It was Christmas and we all wore Santa Claus hats..hahaha…They have Bingo each night during the Expo and the prize money gets higher each night. Oh ya, and they even had a dance competition during the Expo, like in a reality show. People got eliminated each day! And the competition was aired live in the local channel!

Butwal was fun!


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