We were hoping to enjoy the sunshine in Terai when we left Kathmandu for Lumbini, in December end last year. Well, forget sunshine! We got a real experience of Terai’s cold winter. The restaurant owner in Lumbini hadn’t seen the sun for some four days when we got there! ugh…brrr….it was such a cold cold cold bus ride to Lumbini and back from Butwal. We stayed in Butwal instead of spending the night at Lumbini. It is relatively cheaper in Butwal, from where you can catch a local bus to Bhairahawa and then change another one to Butwal. Butwal is a big and busy city. Lots of industries!

A funny thing..when i asked people how long it took to Lumbini, they always mentioned the distance in kilometers…oh it’s only 22 kilometers (i made this number up)..or like oh, it’s 12 kilometers..hmmm…what i meant to find out was the duration…one hour, two hours, half an hour…etc..and i always got the distance…which didn’t help me..hahaha… i guess, it’s because distance doesn’t really have much to do with time when you live in Kathmandu…you could get stuck in a traffic jam anywhere, anytime…so even a distance of 5 kilometers – which is from our house to durbarmarg or so – might take 30 mins, or more…

anyways, Lumbini….ah! this was my third time in Lumbini and I was somewhat disappointed. Things seemed old and unkempt….and well, even I had grown over 10 years older since the last time I was there…The place and the monasteries didn’t feel as charming to me. Of course, it is a bit more organized these days..but there’s tons of construction still happening. The artificial ponds in between were nice. But i think it was the cold weather that also made the trip less exciting…hmmm….maybe maybe.


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