A day in Tansen

I was in Tansen with ama and a cousin sister in December last year. We were mainly visiting Lumbini and decided to spend a night in Tansen before heading back to Kathmandu. And well, after we got there we realized that one night is not enough time for a beautiful place like Tansen.

The hills along the road to Tansen are rocky and scary. I was surprised because on the way to Lamjung most of the hills have terraces for farming but I hardly saw any terraces along the way. We were supposed to reach Tansen by 10 am but a landslide had brought down huge stones in the middle of the road. We were stuck for some two and a half hours or so. I was worried that we wouldn’t get to Tansen at all but we did. The landslide reminded me of Han Suyin’s book – The Mountain is Young. True, our mountains (hills) are still young. The dozers arrived late to clear the road and there was a long line of vehicles waiting to head towards Tansen and then to other destinations from there onwards – which include Gulmi and Pokhara. Gulmi is another place I must visit because my paternal ancestors are from the area. But i’ve never been there. You go to Tansen from Butwal. It’s about a two-hour drive uphill! Buses leaves every other hour.

Tansen is so pretty. The old houses, the alleys, the colorful new houses with psychedelic patterns..hahaha…i love that about houses in the west of Nepal, like in Pokhara and Bhoteodar…they have these houses with all kinds of geometric patterns. Since I am very much into patterns, I find it interesting to collect the different kinds used in houses. I wonder how and when this tradition started – probably began by imitating the pattern of stones. Any guesses?

Anyways, we finally found our hotel in Tansen which was right one top of the hill..Batase dada. We had a beautiful view from up there but I want to go back there in summer time when it isn’t soooo cold. hahaha..And then of course, have enough time to visit Rani Mahal. It is a few hours walk from Tansen and I hear, a must visit place.

Well, this is all for Tansen, in the meantime.


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