jebra in the leaves

jebra in the leaves 2I had this drawing in the header of my blog’s previous design (which I loved but I needed a change). How this drawing came about is a fun story. I was thinking of totally different idea. It started out with huge leaves for a tree, but the tree didn’t fruition. Instead, I ended up with a page of leaves, all done with technical pen and black ink. I think architects will kill me for abusing this pen…hahahaha….If you look closely to the left you will see an underdrawing, which I covered up with leaves. So, the story is that…I put in Jebra later into the drawing. He’s actually been photoshopped into it. Just the leaves made little sense and it looked a bit too serious (but with no certain direction). My photoshop skills are…let’s say…quite basic hahaha…and so I felt quite accomplished that I was able to blend Jebra right into the picture, like he was meant to be in there right from the beginning.

I love this drawing…hmm, I hope I’m allowed to say that about my own drawing. hahahaha.

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