Mountain Flight in La.Lit

La.Lit was launched yesterday at Patan Museum. I think all the contributors have been waiting for a few months now for the magazine to come out and the same goes for me. I was excited about the fact that the team was going to use one of my illustrations for the cover of the book. The illustration was made for the story ‘The Royal Procession’ by Smriti Jaiswal Ravindra. I can’t really explain the drawing and what it’s about because you’ll have to read the story yourself. But I am posting the drawings here. There are two versions, one used for the story inside and the other for the cover.

The Royal Procession inside

The Royal Procession coverI’m really thankful and happy that they chose the drawing for the cover. It is huge for me!!! Thank you very much La.Lit!

I had also contributed a drawing/graphic story…actually, I don’t know how to categorize it and maybe I shouldn’t either. I wanted to do something new instead of relating a story within boxes – like a lot of graphic stories. This isn’t really a ‘story’ story..I wrote it more like a poem but the drawing isn’t also about illustrating the poem. Anyways, here’s the drawing…For me, this work is really special. It is in many ways a breakthrough. I am very thankful to some people who supported me while I was making it.

About the technical’s all been done in pencil – from lead pencil to 2H, H, HB, 2B, 4B and 6B. It was a lot of switching between pencils. hahaha…Well, originally I had done this drawing in black ink and that had taken hours and hours – days and days, I should say…haha. I had to do it in thin layers and it took forever to get the shades I wanted. And a lesson learnt, the paper wrinkled and buckled..making it uneven and difficult to scan. And so the second time (there were some changes made), I did it in pencil. The original is about the size of an A3 paper.mountainflight

I have yet to read La.Lit and am eager to do so, but I must say that the layout of the book could have been better. I do know that a lot of hard work has gone into making it and I’m sure the content of the book will make up for the layout.


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