Don’t really quite know how to end this year. It is so much like the end of every year that’s gone by..you let out a big sigh and say out loud: “kati chito time biteko hai? Yo barsa ta kati chito gayo!”

2012 has been a good year for me, apart from all the times I got sick. I had made a resolution and quite astonishingly, I sort of almost managed to make it happen. My resolution for 2012 was to get out of Kathmandu at least ONCE a month. I am very much a Kathmandu person, but it gets stifling out here after a while. And so the mission was to get out every month and except for two months, I did…well, I still consider that I fulfilled my resolution. Here’s the list:

1. January – Biratnagar
2. February – Gorkha/Pokhara
3. March/April/May – Seattle
4. June – Chisapani
5. July – Bardiya
6. August – :-(
7. September – :-(
8. October – Bandipur
9. November – Lamjung
10. December – Butwal/Lumbini/Tansen

I feel quite accomplished on the whole. hehe. I have never really traveled so much in one year, ever. I do have much more places to cover in my list of places to visit in Nepal. Every time I get out of Kathmandu, I feel very pleasant and happy – we’re lucky that Nepal is so beautiful.

In Tansen, I watched the sun rise from behind the hills and the mountains turn pink in the morning light. The next morning, I was back home and I watched the sun rise from behind a mess of concrete. They were both beautiful in their own ways, but I wish I had the Tansen view in my backyard. *sigh* for wishes. Well, all I can say is I hope all your wishes comes true…if not I hope at least 50% of your wishes come true in 2013. I’m quite the pessimist, actually. I think I will try to be more optimistic in 2013…let’s see.

I kinda don’t like it when the year ends because I was born in January…birthdays are only fun till your 25. hahahaha…I’ve been haunted by a Ponds cream ad that I saw (in between the re-runs of Islington college ad) at QFX some time back…’Signs of aging begin at 28′ re…those assholes!!!! Anyways, I’m not buying Ponds cream for my birthday or any other aging cream for that matter. I just thought it was funny and ironic because they said ’28’ to be specific. ahh…*sigh*

Here’s Tansen and the view from our house.Kathmandu




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