i visited bandipur before dashain, so these pictures are a bit old. bandipur is pretty and quiet – the right kind of getaway from Kathmandu and it’s tya tyas and tutus…i’ve been reading Han Suyin’s The Mountain is Young, which is a story that takes place in Kathmandu. What she writes about and how she describes Kathmandu from the 1950s, all sound like a dream – a different world that seems so distant from the Kathmandu I know today and…yet there are so many things that also haven’t changed. I’m half way through the book, so I won’t write more about it right now. More when I’m done reading.


2 thoughts on “Bandipur

  1. have you been to ghandruk in jado eating tato tato puri tarkali and chya is one of the best thing one can do honestly also god the balloon thing in your blog is brilliant ..

    • hahahhaha….i know, the balloons are great! thank you. i happened to find this theme accidentally ‘for free’ on wordpress. hahaha…i have been to ghandruk, yes..but many years ago. i was in school then but i don’t remember what i ate. haha…it was a fun trip because there were over 100 of us and we camped for the entire trip and yes, it was in cold December. It was the year when that hrithik roshan incident happened in kathmandu and we were stuck in pokhara on our way back for two days…nepal bandh and blah blah blah..but yes, it was a memorable trip.

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