You know how they have funny pictures and cartoons of ostriches with their head buried in the ground? Well, I came across a buffalo with  her head buried in the grass, this past weekend, while ama and I were at Pasikot. I just thought it was hilarious and good thing, I was carrying my camera! hahaha. Actually, she was just scratching her head (although quite vigorously) in the grass.

Where is Pasikot? Ah! It’s on the way to Budhanilkantha, right after the Chapali ghumti there is a road going down to the left and after a couple of turns, it’s all Pasikot. Why were we in Pasikot? Well, we were off to a Sairam ashram to give some clothes to the girls there and it was originally located in Hattigauda. Assuming that it was still going to be there, we didn’t even call them before leaving from home. But when we got there, we found out that the ashram had shifted to PASIKOT! (really unusual sounding name, but well..c’mon, I live in Chandol…what sort of a name is that too? hahahaha)

We couldn’t call the ashram because we didn’t have their land line and the person we knew, was out of reach. Since, we had no idea where Pasikot was, we went on asking pasale after pasale until we reached Pasikot.  And well, the locals there were confused about the particular ashram we were searching for because there are many orphanages in that area re. hmmm…and so ama and i were driving around and around, until we parked ourselves in front of a field and that’s where I met the above pictured buffalo.

There was this man, who clearly was the owner of the buffalo. We asked him about the ashram too. And then suddenly, he asked,”Eh ghoda bhayeko ashram ho?” And I yelled (because I was clearly excited to get a real clue after nearly 20 minutes of searching the area), “HO, HO, HO! tyeeeeehi ho!” Well, this particular ashram has a small horse. I can’t remember the color of it but they found it somewhere and the kids love it. That much I knew.

We were so relieved to finally find them. And that was Pasikot, dear all.


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