over eating, over drinking, over sleeping, over spending, over tv watching, over playing cards, over charging taxi ra bus ko bhadas, over facebook(ing), blah blah blah blah blah. that’s the summary of my dashain. nothing’s ever really done in moderation, i guess. and the best reason for that: barsa ma ek choti ta aune ho kyare dashain.

ahhh…tara aba this year’s dashain is also over.


and now, i can’t wait to over do things (once again) in Tihar. hahahaha

i did manage to make two small collages over dashain and rearranged my room. i’m glad i forced myself to do those. but then, i also watched ‘harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2’ almost three times. i just watch whatever’s on HBO or star movies, even though i’ve already watched them before…i’m too lazy to put on a dvd. i buy movies and watch them a year later. i borrowed ‘kagbeni’ from a friend some two years back i think and i still haven’t watched it.

besides over doing things, dashain was quite uneventful in comparison to last year’s..when i was stung by dangerous ‘aringals’ or wasps in the rice terraces of my village. ugh, such horrible memories of that horrible pain. talking about pain, i experienced the ‘janai khatera’ pain as well. very recently. it was no fun. it was horrible. it was very very very horrible.

kathmandu goes into a state of limbo from dashain till the end of tihar. everything feels slow out here and even the sun makes me lazy coz it’s so warm and nice.

when tihar comes, i’ll probably tell myself again- oh i shouldn’t eat so much, oh i’m sick of eating meat, oh i shouldn’t have so much beer, oh i should get up early – etc. etc. etc. but at the end, it’s going to be the same. and then, i’ll complain about my own laziness and unwillingness to lift a pen and draw (even though i actually, really want to draw). it’s like having a drawing in my head for days but procrastinating on making it for real. i think i’ve done that too many times already and eventually, i forget what i was going to draw in the first place. some ideas stay in my head for months…and then it becomes a ‘maile paheeeeeeeeeeeeeeelai socheko, tara khali draw nagareko idea’. and sometimes these ‘maile pahile socheko idea’ usually pops up in someone else’s drawing… and then, i let out another *sigh* for my laziness.


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