this is the funniest thing i’ve seen in a while in and around kathmandu! hahahaha…if you didn’t notice, there’s a picture of a policewoman in front of the traffic island. She is a poster! hahahaha..this is at durbarmarg. it’s been there since saturday morning. well, that’s when i saw it the first time. there’s another one right opposite to this one. that one is of a policeman.

whoever in the world thought of this????????????


9 thoughts on “weird.

  1. i’ve not seen this yet. i wonder if its still there. this is so funny!!! mayb the poster is like a back up for all the other heads that pass by, i noticed they salute when army/policy vehicles pass by or maybe its a new form punishment for the cops :P

  2. Ya they are. May be the they are showing their deep respect to seniors traffic ekjana real traffic ley salute garera napugera hola lol or if there is any other purpose then god knows:)) I
    I Wonder I wonder minified to ur reason if that is a form of punishment y not give them in real instead of making those boards huh

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