i’ve been noticing and keeping record of weird things in my head. like, i got on a tempo this afternoon and there were all women passengers in it, including the driver. now that doesn’t happen so often. i’ve been thinking and re-thinking and re-imagining in my mind, the sound of one of my neighbor’s footsteps. he is physically challenged and he drags his feet on the road. and sometimes, i can tell when he walks past our house without having to look out the window. i wonder about his slippers – they must wear out pretty soon. i can’t describe the sound though, it’s only in my head.

then i go back to when i was in college – the sound of the bus rolling in at the bus stop. the long almost ‘sighing’ kind of sound that the bus made when it stopped and opened its doors. the smell of the bus – i actually disliked it very much. some days, the smell made me sick and dizzy. smell…smell – i can’t stand the smell of some types of fish – the dried ones. and at home, we have two nanglos full of fish drying out. my sanuama replied, ‘basna bhanana’, when i’d asked, ‘k ganako yesto???’ i’ve been trying to get used to it, but i think it’s impossible. i really don’t like the smell. i like eating fish though. haha.

kathmandu is burning hot. it’s difficult to walk outside in the afternoon without an umbrella. i’m waiting for winter, but i know that when winter comes, i’ll start longing for summer. i can’t decide which season i like more. i don’t like snow. now, that’s for sure.

hmmm…what else,  besides the mundane?



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