new things

1. this monsoon i tasted lahare aap (vine mango, literally) for the first time and i disliked it even more after i found out it’s name in english – it’s called passion fruit. i think it is the most deceiving fruit ever…for one, it’s nothing close to a mango in taste or, in shape and size. it looks like rukh tamatar or tree tomato. the color is similar to mangoes though. in the inside, the fruit contains the most dispassionate tiny seeds covered in orange slimy stuff that tastes very very ameelo i.e. sour. i can’t remember who told me to make juice out of it…and that the juice tastes good. we got lots more growing in our garden but i’m not sure if i want to drink a whole glass of this fruit.

2. hmmm…for months i’ve been looking at bulldozers rolling down walls…other people’s walls and homes and now it’s our turn…well, we did it before the dozers got here and our house is a mess. there’s baluwa and cement all over the place and Pakku is also all over the place with his legs covered in all kinds of dirt. then he comes and sits on my i have to sweep the room before i go to sleep too. BUT! i actually am excited about this new wall that’s coming up even though the space in front of our house has been squeezed out a bit. it’s like the entire family is looking at the progress of the new wall and then planning things…new ideas like where the new garden should be and that we should hang some wind chimes in the garage, and also give a name to our house…exciting new things…and finally, i also made use of my measuring tape…which i bought two years back…

3. our bathroom is being renovated too…and well, i’ve had a ball going to this warehouse in sukedhara that is full of tiles! it’s like three or four basketball courts full of nothing but tiles and sanitary stuff. i got exhausted looking at tiles…and guess what, now they have digital tiles re..hahahaa….as in, they look like photographs…hahahaha…some neat stuff…hahha… was hilarious actually, these digital tiles. hahaha…but it’s the new thing re…by the way, tiles with patterns on them are called ‘highlights’ or ‘motifs’.

4. so baluwa costs 4000 rs for one trip. cement costs anywhere from 650 and above depending on the brand and coz it’s monsoon the rates are less per bora right now. the prices of cement shoot up in other seasons. what else, bricks…the ordinary ones cost some 8000 rs for 1000 pieces..if you can get a better deal…it can come down to 7500 hola. the point is! THINGS are freaking expensive and in conclusion, i’m not sure if i’ll ever build a house. i have a plan…to plant trees now…so that they can be harvested some 30 years later and then i can build houses from those…hahahahahahahaha….but i don’t have land to plant the trees either. hahaha

5. i’m in the second month of learning Deutsch and i like it. it’s fun! Ich finde Deutsch sehr interessant.

that’s all. i’m looking forward to the BFA graduation show of KUart students. It opens at nepal art council in babar mahal on monday, july 30. and then Robert Cervera Amblar’s exhibition opens at KCAC in Patan Museum on Sunday evening. Here’s some more pics of his works….and of passion fruit too…

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