it’s wind and dust & rain and mud in Kathmandu…and i can barely find bricks and stones to place my feet on, in between the large puddles.

it’s going to get worse, now that our walls too have been marked with large red numbers. +1.05 m GREAT!!! the road extension is making a mess of Kathmandu. so, i’m really looking forward to next year – by then, i hope all of the mess will be gone and we will have nice big black topped roads and nice big parks and less traffic jams and less of wires running around and hopefully less of hoarding boards too…crossing my fingers on all of these and other random wishes for this city.

kathmandu looked pretty in the evening today…but it only looked pretty because of the blue skies, green hills, white fluffy clouds and the warm sun set, not because of what we’ve made out of it.


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