waterfall time.

despite the rain, it ended up being a good and fun-filled day. we left for shivapuri national park at around 7:15 am from chakrapath. these days, the micro buses take you right up to the gate of the park! saves time and energy for the actual hike. we had planned to reach the ani gumba somewhere in the middle of the hill, but the rain stopped us at the gates of the park for hours! we gobbled down all the food that we’d brought for lunch while we waited for the rain to stop. 8 am, 9 am, 10 am…i think it was almost 11 am when we actually moved out of this trout restaurant and headed for the waterfall instead of the gumba. it was still drizzling lightly and aiming for the gumba at that time and situation wasn’t really feasible…plus all the leeches we would meet along the way.

well, leeches…they were everywhere even on the way to the waterfall. i got bitten (is that the right verb?) by some dozen leeches and my shoes were all bloody inside. hmmm…not a wonderful sight. but that’s what you get when you decide to hike during monsoon. on the way to the fall (some 45 mins walk only, from the park’s gate), we stopped at a house because it began to pour heavily again. we spent quite some time there before we went to the fall…it was only some ten minutes away and luckily, the clouds cleared up for a bit and we got to see some sunshine when we reached there.

it was beautiful and worth all the waiting and walking we had to do in the rain. it was past 4 pm when we left to come back down to city. kathmandu is a such a cluttered sight from the hills…k bhanne! coming back down is like walking into a concrete jungle from a real one.

i lost one of my socks to the waterfall…in the evening, i came home and looked at the pictures from the hike aaannnndd….. hahaha….there’s a picture of my sock going down the fall…hahahaha…also, another lesson i learnt from the day: sisnu le bessssarrri poldo raicha. i slightly brushed my left knee on a nettle plant, on our way back, and whoaaa…it was burning and stinging way into the night. so, avoid sisnu at all costs and if you don’t know what it looks like, ask someone or google it.


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