weekend hike to chisapani

so, is it chisapani or chisopani? i am not sure but the water up there was chiso for sure. i bet it gets colder in the winter.

saturday morning – the plan was to meet at boudha gate and take the bus to sundarijal at 6:30 am. despite the halla of curfews on sunday, we decided to go hiking anyways. i’d always heard about chisapani from friends who’d been there…tara tyehi ta ho ni..jane bhanda bhanda….mahinau jancha…and then, one fine day, the stars align and that plan finally comes together.

the plan came together but the weather didn’t. it was pouring on saturday morning and we knew that there was no possibility of watching the sunset or the sunrise or getting a glimpse of the mountain peaks…but, it was a cooler and easier walk because of the rain…it stopped raining later in the morning and that made it easier to make the uphill climb that starts right at sundarijal.

the five of us ate breakfast at sundarijal and started our walk around 8:45 am… none of us had ever been to chisapani but it wasn’t hard to find the way. there were plenty of signs along the way and also, a lot of people walking to and from chisapani. it is quite a popular hiking trail even during off season. it took us 5 and a half hours to get there. we made one pit stop at mulkharka for a cup of tea and biscuits..that’s the last place for food and toilet, before chisapani… mul kharka is around 2 hours uphill from sundarijal…i’m guessing here. i wasn’t really looking at the watch.

the hike is quite picturesque and the trail is very..hmm…well paved sort of, coz it’s a popular trail…the walk through the forested areas is pleasant and it’s like going in and out of canopies and tunnels of trees. and lots of moss covered trees too. it’s nice, bhannu parla. i would recommend the hike, but do watch the weather.

we spent one night at chisapani and then walked back to kathmandu the next day. you can also catch a bus at the top, actually. chisapani itself is okay…it wasn’t as exciting as i thought it would be..but that is mostly because the weather was gloomy…the houses are all concrete up there..and they are all hotels and lodges. we even played pool and cards and watched a bit of CID on sony…hahahaha…so much for a hiking getaway! :-P

i’m not sure if i’ll go again. maybe…maaaybe..


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