Halli(ne) – Days

Here’s to coining a new term – ‘Halli-Day’ i.e. most of nepal bandhs consist of ‘halline’ or roaming around aimlessly and thus, the word Halli-Day which coincidentally sounds and means sth similar to Holiday. But don’t be confused. The difference between the two is subjective and their meanings could very well overlap…it all DEPENDS!

Okay, enough of the above rubbish. I think it is quite rubbish even though I wrote it myself.

What did I do in these two days of Halli-days? Well, I’m still in the post-travel phase, so my mind has been aimless for the last one week (and therefore, the lack of posts in this blog :-( ). I still feel sleepy during the day and I can manage to nap on a chair quite easily…having spent so much time flying. And I feel the need to pull out a seat belt and put it on even when I’m sitting on a chair at home…hmm, yep. Crazy but true.

Day one of Halli-day consisted of some painting and collage making. Day two i.e. today – halline began at 8:30 am – A walk to New Road via Baluwatar, Nagpokhari, Lainchaur, Ason and Basantapur. We were looking for some action during our halline karyakram. A text to 4321 jam came back to some jam at Sitapaila…nowhere near our halline route. :-( how disappointing!!

On a positive note, Halli-days let you walk down streets you’ve walked a million times before and make you notice things that you never had the time for. And here are some pictures of the things we noticed today, during our halline moments on Halli-day. Street art, more of space invader, chaotic wires, colorful water bottles hanging in a juice store, ruins and more…


2 thoughts on “Halli(ne) – Days

  1. Your first picture of the door… I think I have the exact same picture… it’s from the Kumari house in Durbar Square, right?

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