Day 3 in Seattle

Day 3 in Seattle i.e. yesterday i.e. April 3 (i am still confused because i have nepal’s date and time in my computer even now) was very very interesting. You can read more here about the official part of the tour here. BUT for now…yummm….i can still remember the taste of Theo chocolate samples. So good. Dark chocolates aren’t my favorite things but they never tasted so good. AND they got all kinds of flavors, the most interesting of which was Chilly and Chocolates! Now that is the combination. I am someone who likes to eat Dalle khursani with chicken ko jhol, bhat and lal mohans! so you can understand why i like that (odd) combination. Well, actually it is a traditional combination in countries that grow cocoa, the main ingredient of chocolate.

the cherry blossoms were just great! i had never seen so many altogether and they were a wonderful sight! Despite of the rain that made me so cold, it was the pretty cherry blossoms that made my day. By the way, there are plenty of rhododendrons around here and it’s actually the state flower of seattle! how cool of a coincidence is that? but they mostly have pink ones…

it does rain a lot here…hmm…that’s the part that is not quite my favorite. everything else is great. i love the city because it is all made on hills and the roads go up and down and up and down. it’s very interesting…i will elaborate more on that later. now i’m tired and ready to doze off to wake up for another day.

i’ve been eating a lot of cottage cheese, and i can’t get enough of it. yesterday, i visited the world’s first ever Starbucks (which originated here and has its headquarters here) at the market. i just had a hazelnut latte. usually, i don’t understand half the things on the menu and all i know is that i like anything that’s hazelnut flavored or cinnamon flavored. so i stick to that. i don’t understand how people find the ‘right’ cup of coffee…??? venti, latte, brown sugar, extra syrup, 2% milk..etc. etc. it’s tiring for me…mentally to even think of the combinations that i might like.

what else..i had a day of art art and art today and so will tomorrow be a day of art. i was thinking of writing about it all at the end of tomorrow’s art day. :-) i’m going on an art walk and to the Seattle Art Museum! woohooo the picturess…the outdoor ones are from the olympic sculpture park….it was great but it rained and rained…a lot of things here in Seattle has been made by money given by paul allen..the other founder of microsoft, including the park…yep, he owns a lot things in Seattle and he also made the Experience Music Project or EMP…the building of which was designed by Frank Gehry… i’ll be going there too. well and bill gates gives money to Uni. of washington.

i went to see kurt cobain’s house, which is actually not far from where I am currently living i.e. madison park. it’s a big pretty house, now privately owned. there was a bench under this big tree…that’s where people have left notes, scribbled, doodled for RIP Cobain. I thought it would be much more interesting than what i saw…nevertheless, it was a touristy thing that i had to be a part of. :-P and i saw bill gate’s house too…hahahaha…okay, not so interesting, but whatever.

good day kathmandu.


7 thoughts on “Day 3 in Seattle

  1. Rotarian in Nepal or here? How exciting!!! Yeah we have a lot of local Seattle to show us around. we are quite lucky! It would be great to meet you too. Some days we have some free time. :-)

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