goldstar in seattle

i’d made up my mind on buying  a pair of the famous goldstar shoes during the summer. but i thought they’d be much ideal for my travel to seattle. and here i am, i took pictures of the shoes at the public market place! the names of the tiles are of people who have donated to the preservation of the Pike Place Market in Downtown Seattle. Tulips and Daffodils in the shops – they looked so pretty. the winds are chilly out here and it’s a good thing that i’d brought my woolen topi (the one with the long ears…was tempted to get an angry bird but thought it would be tooo silly :-P).

then i saw these shoes hang from a tree…but of course, the highlight for the day was/is the space needle, which i can see from my hotel window, right now. seattle is very pretty. and i simply love looking at water.

i’m in Seattle as a team member of the rotary group study exchange program. and you can find more about the program and what we are doing/will be doing in Seattle through another blog: Gsenepal2012

when we landed here at noon today, i thought it kinda looked like kathmandu’s airport…no, not the buildings but the way we landed and how the runway is…you know, how we still see houses growing bigger and bigger in kathmandu, these houses are right outside the airport ni and then we see the green grass along the runway…the tacoma intl airport was sort of like that. there are houses nearby the runway and it felt like i was landing in kathmandu…only that touchdown part ni..hahaha..everything else is different out here.

i left kathmandu on friday night at 9 pm..since then i’d been flying till this afternoon. it was only after i got out of the airport i actually properly saw daylight in days. i don’t think i’ve ever flown this long…from ktm to doha 5 hours, doha transit was some 13, 14 hours, flight from doha to washington dc was 15 hours, at DC i stayed the night at a hotel because i missed my flight..we all did. the next morn at 6 am i was off to the airport and then on a plane to chicago. got off and changed planes to get to seattle. and guess what, in all of this, my luggage got to seattle faster than i did. :-P

for now, goodnight space needle and good day kathmandu. :-)


2 thoughts on “goldstar in seattle

  1. well I wore similar Goldstar shoes, sometimes earlier while running! I like everything about it but sometimes its name makes me feel weird! A Nepali shoe but why was it to be named “GOLDSTAR” haha maybe “suntara” would have sounded better!

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