it is the worst kind of feeling to feel unsafe in your own neighborhood. to know that  could be robbed, assaulted or hurt in anyway in the most unexpected of instances. the same friendly roads you walk during the day turns into a dangerous alley at night. i actually can’t articulate what i want to write.

an incident took place in my neighborhood few nights back…and it’s just a reminder of unsafe this city is…kathmandu, i mean. i’ve lived in the same area since i can remember and perhaps, it’s the first time that someone i know got hurt, was attacked, beat up and robbed by three guys at night. i can’t come to terms with the fact that it happened in front of one of my relative’s house…i don’t know. i think, i can’t come to terms with a lot of things..sometimes, somethings are just too senseless that if you tried making sense out of it, it would only make you more angry. this is one of those things.

and i’m writing all of this three nights after the fact, sitting in the waiting area of the doha international airport. our flight has been delayed and some people are angry and worried because they won’t make it in time to their families. “my wife looked up online and said there are no flights from washington dc until monday…i can’t stay there for that long,” i heard a man tell the guy at the counter.

the guy is a patient person. well, he has to be one because i was going to ask him the same question..”When will my flight depart? i will miss my connecting flight in washington dc, what are you going to do about it? will u get me another flight?” he’ll probably answer these questions to some 100 other people on the same airplane and this happens every now and then…yep, he needs all the patience in the world.

and so do i… for this flight to take off.

i’ve fallen asleep thrice since i left kathmandu at 9 pm on friday night. maybe i should take one more nap now.


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  1. ke garne kanchan ma bhayeko bhaye ke hi hudaina thiyo, i was surprised that incident happened infront of my house, tyo pani narayan ko ghar aghadi, anyway ke garne chondole ma purano bhanda pani naya manche dherai cha, i am really happy to read your blog and see your arts.

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