…from portrait to self-portrait…

Thank you Antonio, Sanjeev, Elsa Peretti Foundation and Kathmandu Contemporary Arts Center.

I’ve written a feature on Antonio Nodar’s project for The Week today (coming up later). But here’s an online preview of the centerspread. Check the feature here.

Go to pages, 7, 8 & 9.

here’s my self-portrait. I know you can’t see it clearly and I forgot to take a picture of the final version. I will probably do that when the exhibition opens on March 28, at the Patan Museum.

Find over 200 portraits and self-portraits from The Nepal Album at this link.

It is going to be a great show. :-)


One thought on “…from portrait to self-portrait…

  1. Great job Kanchanji !!!!!!!!!!
    It’s really grand project for the Nepali artists to expose themselves in the international art scenario.
    Thanks to Antonio Nodar, Elsa Peretti Foundation, Kathmandu Contemporary Arts Center and Sanjeev Maharjan for his coordination……………………..

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