ufff chapali heights ko heights

Don’t go by the poster of chapali heights…But then, we did go by the poster and ended up watching Chapali Heights today in a packed hall with people who most probably also came to watch the moving after spotting one of the many posters of Chapali Heights around the city. Well!!! don’t be fooled. One of my friends, who  had come along to watch the movie, told me that it was a ‘sexual thriller’, and that was supposed to be a lose definition…

Turns out, the movie is neither sexy nor thrilling. There was one part where I got ‘Jhasyanga!’, but besides that the movie is stupid, sleazy, creepy and in fact, funny. There were more moments of laughter (throughout the audience) owing to the unpardonable expressions, acting and of course, dialogues – which included jabarjast english and frequent and unnecessary swearing in nepali and english…The second half of the movie was more bearable because it had very few dialogues. The first half hour of the movie (which includes sabin rai and band singing the title track on top of a hill) is practically useless and has little to do with the rest of the movie.

And the sound editing is horrible, as in most Nepali movies and that is one thing that ticks me off. Bad sound editing and design…I can bear the stupid ‘lip attachments’ like another friend put in (i.e. not kissing but sticking their lips like they put some fevicol on a.k.a. disgusting) and dances but not the bad sound editing. I feel like it is always left on the back burner when in fact, sound editing and design should be given a lot of attention.

There are three characters (two guys and a girl) and they spend the entire time inside a house in Chapali heights – getting wasted and then hitting each other (well, there’s more explanation to do here but i’m toooo lazy to get into the details).  And so, that’s it folks.

Would I recommend the movie? Hell, YES! (mostly because i already spent money on it hahahaha), and because it is just so silly and unbearable to watch that you should actually watch it. Not even kidding about that. And yes, the poster has very little to do with what’s in the movie. The heroine is, however, always shown in short and revealing clothes and there’s a constant focus on her cleavage (which always has ‘pasina’…W.E.I.R.D.) with some harsh spot light, which is always coming in from outside the window…when in fact the movie is mostly shot during the night. So, we can actually tell that it is all artificial lighting. Talking about artificiality…THE RAIN was soooo artificial. I mean, dude, c’mon at least make an effort to make sure that the rain is falling in one direction. It looked like pipes were sprinkling water from different directions.

I would like to add the following note from my friend’s facebook comment. If you don’t watch Chapali Heights you will miss the following:

1) A guy moaning like a girl.
2) Backless shower scene.
3) Sleazy kissing scenes.

Decide for yourself. Do you really want to miss this movie?



One thought on “ufff chapali heights ko heights

  1. and recently a newspaper reports two Hollywood persona who came to Nepal to train some of the cine workers here said as per the paper “tapai aafnai bishaya bastu ma film nirman garnus!” hope our movie maker get that! no American is gonna come and make a movie that represents us! we need to do it by ourself! and movies like this, well they do try to defy the trend but adds nothing to what a Nepali movie should stand for!

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