i wasn’t looking..

on February 11, i’d mentioned that i had started a new drawing. well, it isn’t actually a drawing but stitching which required preliminary drawing (lots of grid-making). i had noticed some window grill patterns when i was in biratnagar in january. and last year in brunei there were these huge cube patterns on a carpet. i can’t remember where i saw those, but the two sort of were in my head when i drew up sketches for this one. i do a lot of labor intensively work that has quite an amount of repetition. i enjoy needlework and recently, i’ve been taking out my embroidery threads to do some cross stitching (which is also in progress).

anyways, i thought that this drawing/idea/stitching wasn’t going to take me more than a day or two. i was wrong. i completed it yesterday. i didn’t have time to work continuously on it and i couldn’t work without light..it’s tough to do that with needle work unless you are an expert knitter and don’t even have to look down. i admire those experts. how do they know every loop? or whatever they call it.

so here’s the output:

“i wasn’t looking when you punched me.”
14 inches x 17 inches
needle and thread, pen and ink on paper

don’t ask me about the title. (hahaha) i want you to look at it and think about it and make interpretations of your own. i took the photo outdoors so the color of the paper is a bit off. the real color is a warmer white. every color has a ‘cool’ and ‘warm’ shades. it’s hard to explain them and it took me a while to grasp the idea. read more here, if you want to learn more.

i made the initial lines in pencil, thinking that i’d erase them out when i was done. but that would’ve been a difficult task and a messy one at that, with eraser ko dhulo stuck on the thread. the line was written by a calligraphy pen…the kind you dip into an ink bottle and write. :-) i love those and reed pens.

one more photo, because i have a lot of fun taking macro photos with my camera’s ‘intelligent mode’. hahahah


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