some more buttons

i’ve been having a spell of taking pictures of my clothes. it’s 5:40 am! well, i’m up because i’m going out of Kathmandu for a few days. But before i leave, i thought i’d post pictures of these buttons that i took some time back.

1. button from my blue quilted coat, previously posted. it actually has ‘om’ written on it! how cool is that?

2. this green puffy blouse that belonged to ama. i don’t wear it. i’m just saving it for some occasion. i like the buttons.

3 and 4. got them at bishalbazaar’s craft shop on the top floor. well, some of my friends and i have habits of replacing buttons on clothes we’ve bought or simply buying and hoarding buttons, hoping we’ll use them somehow, someday. so these are the pairs i’ve been saving up. they actually look like earrings and if i could, i would change them into earrings. unfortunately, i can’t wear studs. allergies! :-(


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