if you’re someone who has more skirts in her closet than pants, then shake hands with me. but unfortunately, i don’t wear most of these skirts. i just have them, hoping that i will wear them someday. i’m working on a new drawing which i’m excited about, but for now i thought i’d post photographs of three of my skirts, which i haven’t worn till date.

the corduroy skirt: i found it at a store by lakeside in pokhara, when i visited the place a year back. it bought it for some 400 Rs because the dai was like, “oh it’s very old, you can have it for cheap!” OH KAY!!! why not? I love vintage AND I didn’t even have to bargain. But i haven’t worn it yet. hahaha…

the kilt: this comes from UK and it actually belongs to my cousin sister, when she was a kid. Stime from the 90s. Now, it fits like a glove as a high-waisted skirt! :-) still haven’t worn it once. she found the skirt, few months back in our storage room and since then, it’s become a part of  my skirt pile.

the button down skirt (goes below the knee): gift from my other cousin sister. I l0ve it but I have to get it altered a bit. It’s a bit loose on the waist. I haven’t worn it either. This spring I plan to pair this skirt, with a loose shirt.


One thought on “skirts

  1. oh my god. i had a similar kilt like skirt. and same khalko safety pin and i loved the pin so much. never wore the skirt. i think it is lost somewhere, and so is the pin :( sorry la.

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