patterns continued

i’ve been making some patterns on square sheets of paper for some time now. something about squares – they are confining, yet perfect. i find that very disturbing.

anyways, here are some patterns in my previous posts





this one, i completed today. i was taking some pictures with my new compact camera, that i purchased at Can infotech recently – Sony DSC-W530, on the roof of our house the other day. this camera has a function called panorama sth and i was trying to capture our cluttered neighborhood, not so successfully. but anyways, i ended up taking pictures of my gundri i.e. mat. The gundri was made by my relatives in Salme, a village in Lamjung.

Salme is a one day walk from my village Taji. The village is much more developed than Taji. They are close to Bhoteodar, that’s where we catch the bus to kathmandu. Salme is some half-day walk (baaaad uphill walk) from Bhoteodar. Downhill, i think it took me around 4 hours to get to Bhoteodar from Salme. They have electricity and a close knit community, unlike Taji where all the houses are scattered and the village is divided into upper and lower parts. And our house is in the upper most part!!! Near by is a chautari made by my baje….ok, never mind. i will write about Taji some other time.

So the drawing comes from pattern of the gundri. i tried to learn how to make a chakati when i was in Taji during Dashain but it is quite complicated. That is made from covers of corn. Gundri is made from rice straw. I have this gundri in my studio and sometimes i lay it out in the sun and doze off! :-P


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