winter favorites – purple sweater and blue quilted coat

this is quite lame, because winter is actually almost over. but i thought i’d write about two of my favorite ‘this’ winter wears.

i was rummaging through ama’s suitcases (one more time) to look for one of her trench coats (which turned out to be waaay too big for me), but then i found this pretty, colorful, snug, warm and heavy sweater.

the first time i wore it around the city, i had had coffee at this road side pasal at kamaladi. That’s when i had this ‘monte carlo‘ sweater ad like moment. seen those ads as a kid in magazines. a couple wearing monte carlo sweaters and with a horse in some green meadow. oh they call it pullovers not sweaters. but who cares, we call them sweaters.

anyways, this sweater is not monte carlo. it’s just from Ason. ama bought it way back in the time. circa ‘when i was a little kid’. hahahaha. it’s big for me and the more reason to love it.

so i set up a tripod and faced the big mirror in our house. pakku, the steed, joined in the photo shoot. and holding my thermos cup is very intentional. so it’s like half ‘monte carlo’ half ‘nescafe’ ad inspired photo shoot. hahahahaha. took the pics with self timer. the top right picture was actually accidental. hahah..i stepped in front of the tripod with the timer on and it turned out to be quite an ‘experimental’ photograph (re kya).

here, we have – ALSO my ama’s blue quilted coat which i adore, adore, adore. it is a reversible coat and has pockets inside and outside. i wore the patterned side out and wear that most of the time. inside, it is just a plain blue.

the coat fits really well, but it isn’t that warm. so it’s good for the day, but not for a night out. you’d have to layer a lot. so i wore it with a sweater dress.

this silver it recently at kathmandu mall. i loved it’s not real silver. it’s adjustable though and i can move the buckle. that way, i can wear it as a high waisted belt (as in this case) or wear it with a pair of jeans.

oh and pakku is sporting his wonderful PINK winter wear, from Tripureshwor. hahahaha…it was SUCH a hassle to get it on him. the entire house was chasing after him and trying to pen him down the floor. he simply refused to wear it. the next day, we tied his mouth and chained him and got him into it. it doesn’t sound right but it took five of us to put that on him. whew. what a tussle. and now he likes it, coz it keeps him warm.


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