Pasa(s) go watch LOOt

It’s been a few days since I watched Loot but haven’t had the time to sit and write about it. It is a movie you should definitely NOT MISS!!! clap, clap, clap.

I intentionally spelt ‘LOOt’ that way in the title above because that is what the film board actually printed on the certificate, the one you get to see at the beginning. OK, are people are the Film board or is it film development board…or whatever board that is related to film, really really LAZY? or what. seriously, there were like all these snowman marker pen scratch outs on the real certificate. c’mon, you made a mistake on the certificate and all you did was kerne that part, that too with a marker pen and then leave a messy and unprofessional looking certificate. and yes, Loot was spelled that LOOt. dude, it’s like loo.

but to get to the point, Loot is no way a loo movie. it is a good movie and mostly because of the actors who have done a brilliant job. Saugat Malla is great as usual, but i think Dayahang Rai as ‘Gople’ did a really good job too. Way better than in Das dhunga. In 2009, i’d seen the play he’d directed at UWTC. it was ‘’. It was really short and sweet work.

Actually, i liked everybody’s acting equally. It’s just that when I go back on it now, I recall Dayahang Rai the most coz he was hilarious. And i liked his roommate’s acting too…Pande. the actor on the far right. that’s him. they were all good in their roles. and for that, you have to watch Loot.

the story line is good (not superb or anything) and so is the direction. well, it’s better than the average nepali movie. it keeps you interested in the movie till the end. it doesn’t drift away nor does it bore you with cliche dialogues and predictable love songs of hero herione dancing by a river or on some cliff in mustang. instead, a construction site is the main site of the story and you have some captivating (and ugly) scenes of Kathmandu’s urban landscape which of course is all gajyang gujyang. but then, that’s the reality of this city. i won’t tell everything, because it would be such a bad spoiler. besides it’s not a rekha thapa film where even if i spilled the beans it would still be fun to watch.

about the story but here’s the gist:

Hakku (saugat malla) has a ‘master plan’ to rob a bank…The Valley development bank in Kathmandu. It’s his dream to be a rich rich rich person but he needs people who also want to be rich and therefore, take part in the robbery. the story unravels backwards – when it begins, the robbery has already happened. the narrative rewinds to what happened 4 months back and then moves forward from there on. in the 4 months, Hakku actually a cook in his bhatti, finds the other four people – khatri (prateek raj neupane) is a small arms and drug dealer; nare (karma) is a bouncer, former national karate player, gambler from banepa; pande (sushil raj pandey) is unemployed lover boy with dreams to marry his gf; and finally Gople (dayahang rai) who is friends with pande and is unemployed too, he likes to pick fights with people.

the story tells us how hakku finds these four, who are all driven by desperation and greed for lots of money, and train them for the heist. i’m going to stop right here. the rest you have to go see for yourself.

the female actors have really no parts. they are just sidey characters. Hakku’s wife played by Srijana Subba was the best the three. well, technically sushma karki was just there for the dance. and why is that reecha sharma’s (she is pande’s gf) cleavage has to be shown in every shot she’s in? kasto annoying direction.

there are some good angles and shots. but then the shaky parts of people running…those were a bit too much. at least, i find it dizzying and i get motion sickness. the same happened to me during dasdhunga. i actually got sick in the middle and ended up throwing up.

The font used in the movie and the way the text was used was a little silly and somewhat a copy of Mission Impossible movies or other thriller flicks. Actually, i’m not sure why they didn’t even use Nepali. it reads ‘4 months before’ but then the same is not written in nepali. The graphics in the animate or whatever parts…those were really weird and actually made me think ‘what the heck?’. it’s like some poorly done music video..just only a little better than ‘kewa’. i mean, the movie overall has been shot great and why this silly computerized background. those were not working at all. especially right at the beginning of the movie. that part, even the lip syncing wasn’t matching. now, that was pretty lame.

i have sth with sound editing and design. that was a little bit disappointing. for instance, we have a scene where the baby is crying and hakku is telling the baby to stop crying. But hello, we don’t hear the baby crying at all. they didn’t put the sound cue for the baby BUT every time someone is taking a puff of his cigarette, we hear this loud and very clear sound of the drag…DUDE?  it’s like someone is smoking in my ear. most unnatural.

A LOT of smoking man. a lot. just a lot. maybe that could have been cut down. i thought it was a bit too much. like every time these guys meet or in any shot, there’s someone pulling out a lighter, someone lighting a cigarette and well, of course someone always smoking. cut out all the parts where you actually light the cigarette…u could have a movie that was a few mins shorter. lots of begin a shot with a cigarette and ending a sequence with a cigarette. it actually makes you think that you could solve problems after you share a smoke together. duh?

i’d heard that Loot was a really really really good movie. but i think it’s a good movie and that’s good enough for the nepali film industry. it was better than Acharya, not judging the story, but in how it is made, the delivery of the actors and the overall gripping factor.

well, now go watch Loot while it’s on show.

and here’s a movie i’m waiting for: Highway


3 thoughts on “Pasa(s) go watch LOOt

    • hahahhaah….well, i’m glad you didn’t miss out on it! mero ama le hernu janu paryo bhanera bhannu bhako katttiii bhaisakyo. i heard the movie is doing very well outside of Nepal too.

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