ah! nepal yatayat rides

i just had the funniest bus ride in nepal yatatat from baneshwor to chappal karkhana. not that the entire journey was funny but parts of it. it wasn’t a race, too bad. :-( it’s fun when nepal yatatats race with each other because then you get to your destination super fast, but i admit that they are such rough drivers..it is fun and scary to be in a speeding nepal yatatat. and also annoying when you are actually a passenger waiting for the bus and they don’t stop for  you to get on because the RACE IS ON!!!

anyways, no race today and coz it’s saturday, the bus wasn’t so packed. at new plaza we got stuck in a jam caused by a rally. by we, i mean the bus and other passengers (strangers). i was sitting in the last row of the bus and was getting occasionally bumped from side to side. i was mostly engrossed in this new game i downloaded in my ‘new’ phone. ahem. hahaha the samsung pop is a nice android phone, btw and i had downloaded this crossword application. hahaha..i know, i get excited by word games, don’t judge. i’m like an addict when it comes to crosswords…even when i can’t solve most of them without cheating. hahaha.

so i was in the middle of a crossword when a shoe dropped right on my lap! it was like ‘WHAT???’ hahahaha…and everybody around me broke into a big laughter. hahahaha…since when did shoes start falling inside a bus! well, actually there was a locker above my head and the shoe was trying to escape out of the bus. hmmm…not so true. i’d recently read in the paper that Rahul Gandhi got a shoe thrown at him and well so did Bush get one. no, don’t add me to that list! just thought it was hilarious than a shoe dropped on me.

next funny thing..i was sitting in the middle of the last row and the guy next to me wanted to get off. i wasn’t paying attention since i went right back into my game. i didn’t notice him get up. my leg was blocking his way raicha. but i only realized that he was trying to get out when he landed up sitting on my lap!!! oh my goooodnesss! this was even more hilarious that the shoe on my lap. funnily, i wasn’t as embarrassed or even angry about it. the whole situation was so comic and the people around me were laughing, so i laughed along. and now, i think i’m a bit embarrassed. hahahaha

that guy was definitely more embarrassed than me.

ah, bus rides. stimes they make good memories. but i have my share of not so nice memories too..esp of middle age men who get some kind of a sick pleasure by grabbing legs and butts. what is the point of it all? enlighten me, please.


3 thoughts on “ah! nepal yatayat rides

  1. i too dont understand why people do what u have mentioned in last para. i feel many such men in Ktm have come here to search for opportunities leaving their family behind..and many thus deprived of sex and it may be this fact that leads them to do such act of disgrace! and moreover it’s about time that women..begin to unseat male male passengers from the “mahila” seats!

    • it is very weird…really. yeah, the mahila seats..hahaha. it’s like every time some elderly person gets up, i give up my seat while all the ‘purush’ look out the window and ignore that old man or woman. what a pity.

      • yeah! but i am most amused when women who seem to have had baby at least once before not vacating their seats seeing other women who are carrying infants in a crowded bus…..maybe boys didnt have to go through all of that…but why women don’t get that…sometimes…it feels..there are no sane human in the whole bus!

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