on saturday

this was from some two weeks back, when on saturday featured me in their art issue. they’d featured women artists. it was a good platform for me because i’ve always been writing about others works but never had the chance to talk about what i do. well, i do talk about it in my blog. hahaha…but in any case, i’m thankful to them.

except for the one little thing that i don’t agree with – the fact that they wrote that my blog (i.e. this one) has some sort of a ‘cult’ following. i don’t believe in that point and neither do i ever want a some sort of a cult following. it is too much of a heavy word to use, and esp in this context, where i am not even trying to project any idea or create an ideological movement of some sort. the word was casually used, i know and probably, i’m taking it too extremely..but i still don’t agree to it.

nonetheless, i am very happy that they thought of me. :-) also, i wish there were more artists featured, even if they were limiting to female artists…there are many others in kathmandu who have inspiring works. Sunita Maharjan, Meena Kayastha, Priti Sherchan and Shraddha Shrestha are some of them.



One thought on “on saturday

  1. All publicity is good publicity! Don’t worry too much about the words other people use – at least they’re talking about you. Keep up the great work.

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