Experiments with anar.

Pomegranate – 11″ x 20″, screen print on Lokta, Edition of 25
Somehow the paper got all wrinkled when i scanned it. It doesn’t look like that when it’s not pressed down. :-( I decided that I wanted to make something different in composition from the original drawing (see below). So I split the brick wall part and the text. Now, it looks like two pomegranates. I am happy with this print and how it turned out, but I think I should have used a thicker paper. But this is my first attempt and there’s always learning more from it. Experiments are all about that. But I still am very happy about this print and even the one right below.

Pomegranate text – 8″ x 8″, screen print on Lokta, Edition of 10
I thought I’d use the text to create something on its own. After experimenting for a day, I decided on this composition/idea. The grey part are repetitions of the text. Each square has the text printed four times, so it makes this flower like pattern. Then I took the color of the bricks from the above print to make one text that is legible.

And here’s the original drawing:


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