shed the load

an hour or so back i was in an ironing spree…luga ironing spree. this electricity has been cheating us. who’s in group 3 like us? we were supposed to get power back at 8 pm and we did, but only for half an hour. it’s like a stupid teaser k. okay adi ghanta ma j j garnu cha gara, pheri batti jancha for another hour and a half. has anybody experienced this new tactic of the nepal electricity authority. they have that disclaimer ni on the load shedding schedule. uff uff uff.

anyways, i was on an ironing spree..batti pheri jala bhanera.

batti didn’t go, but i eventually gave up on ironing. how do you even iron a sari, in the first place? and will all that sitara on it? you do have to fold it up again, so what’s the point ironing it? unless it is tooo wrinkled up. do you get wrinkle-free saris?

and it’s a bandh re, once again. welcoming-the-new year bandh i guess?

and i can’t get the fuss over tribhuvan’s sculpture at shahid gate. just let it be there. for heaven’s sake, leave some history in this city. and most of all, WHAT THE HECK ARE OUR LEADERS DOING WASTING TIME ON DELIBERATIONS ON TOPICS SUCH AS THIS? people are dying from the cold in the tarai, schools need better infrastructure, people need health facilities and roads, and here in kathmandu, neta haru ko kaam chaina. sculpture museum ma rakhne kura ma debate. hoina bhanya, when do they even come up with such ideas…”eh, sachi tyo tribhuvan ko murti hatauna, shahid gate bata?” do they have such conversations over tea? or is it an afterthought that came right before going to bed?

kathmandu is rebuilding its walls. bigger roads, more cars and in ten years time, we’ll be rebuilding our walls again. or maybe we won’t have walls left.


One thought on “shed the load

  1. I still can’t figure out what group I’m in!! But thankfully someone brought us a handwritten schedule last week so that I can stop guessing when the lights are going go out and finally know for sure. The same thing happened to us a few weeks ago. Our power was supposed to come back at night, and it did for about half an hour and then went out again. I think they love to tease us :)

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