all we need is a spectacle

put a cow that has extra legs on the back of a mini truck. throw a blanket on it to keep it warm. then add some jazzy pictures and idols of deities – wallah! you got people believing that it is a godly miracle and some avatar of some god/goddess. put all of this in the middle of a busy road. instant cash!

 i probably sound cynical, but when i saw this today at sundhara i was thinking  – and where are the animal rights folks? ah, but do they even exist in nepal? hmm…only heard of rescuing dogs and cats so far.

but then, this is how it is…didn’t bother to find out where these people are from and how they got this cow..maybe it’s theirs.

the point is, the whole thing was a big spectacle in front of sundhara. and well, that’s all people in kathmandu need…they have all the time in the world to stop by and sit around and stare.



2 thoughts on “all we need is a spectacle

  1. Haha…. As I remember…kathmandu is full of spectacles..i remember a “mata” performing her divine powers..,i saw a snake dance in the middle of the road, whst the heck…i even saw idols of dieties drinking milk and dropping ashes…oh..kathmandu how I miss you and your bizzare spectacles :)

    • yeah, in Nepal we live in a 48 hr a day world, we take time for granted and once such thing happens their are plenty of idle persons to give it a glance or even more. I still remember skipping my Bridge course (it was worth skipping though) and seeing all those “chataks” at Khula Manch…it was fun but u know Nepalese always have time for this…!

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