Hello twenty twelve

its yet another new year. and well, i’m home sitting and writing about the fact that it’s a new year. :-P anyways, happy new year.

the past few days have been super crazy. to sum it up: chasing batti and being chased by time. the load shedding schedule has made me reschedule my life around it. and well, most of us have to. my friend and i have been trying to finish some applications without batti and thus without internet at home, it’s been frustrating. we have to wait around and then make all our home leaving activities around the time period when there is no batti…etc. etc. the other night i was up till 4:30 am. without much sleep i thought i’d doze off in the tempo yesterday afternoon. and it was losar.

is it just the gurung losars that create horrible traffic jams around tundikhel? well, i didn’t go this time because i had some other work but i heard it was a bit more systematic this time. honestly, going to tundikhel for losar is just eating ‘dhulo’ as in some real nepali dust. and the food in there isn’t so good and it’s cold and people make the place so dirty. i did wear my gurung attire for the day. feels so silly though – just dusting it out and drying our clothes to wear for losar. hahahaha…well, at least we do that once a year these days. this tradition of going to tundikhel is quite new..oh, actually previously we used to go to BICC when it was open to the public. it hasn’t been that many years since the gurungs decided to have this sort of gathering…but really, it comes down to eating dhulo and worrying about how to get in and get out in the first place.

and so i’ve had two consecutive new years days – losar and the english new year. i hope they both turn out happy for the rest of the year.


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