in our silences

we’d always hurt each other in our silences
in the words we never said
in the tears that journeyed through memories – one more time
in the bitterness that consumed us all night long

we learnt to cope by running away
in the middle of the night, in the rain, into nowhere
wiping tears that froze in the icy winds of the sea but left burning scars
years on, my tears would mean nothing
to you or to myself

we would pretend as our scars drowned into our bones
we would laugh, riddled in our own bullets
we would smile, in our goodbyes
in our differences, we would become a whole world apart

acceptance would come late, but it would eventually come
it would come with regrets
it would come with pain that never really went away
and it would come with every hang over

(august 27, 2011)


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