put the blame on…

if procrastination was a game, i’d be winning right now. :-) not a thing to be proud of but sometimes too much time in front of the computer, trying to write and rewrite and rewrite, makes you hmm….brain dead and lazy. so i’m making a list of things i’d like to put the blame on:

1. cold cold winter – makes me super duper alchi at times. you just want to stay snug in the shirak and close your eyes. not even sleep – just like act like your sleeping, but you r actually just being lazy. i do that.

2. load shedding – no batti, how can i work? uh-huh.

3. ADSL internet speed upgrade – so i’ve been experiencing some trauma because our ADSL has been working super fast lately and i seriously can’t handle the speed. i’ve been literally streaming videos continuously from Youtube and oh my goodness – there is almost 0% buffering. WHAT IN THE WORLD HAPPENED? so i heard there’s a google server in nepal and it’s at ntc. i’m guessing that is making everything fast but then some of my other friends without ADSL aren’t really enjoying the great speed of internet or Youtube. so it also must be sth in Adsl itself. Actually, i don’t even know what ADSL stands for.

4. The thus fast working Youtube due to reason number 3.

For the sake of it, here’s what i’ve been streaming mostly:

Rhett and Link, Epic Rap Battle this is absolutely hilarious. MUST WATCH. my favorite line is: see this turtleneck. they have hilarious videos. can’t get enough.

Arjun, Kabhi Kabhi so this is a british indian dude who did a remake of the hindi classic song. i like it, except for the girl who sings the chorus – her expressions are faint-worthy.


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