nice people make me happy

you know what’s nice? when you meet people who are helpful and nice. no, not talking about folks who i already know are nice, but i’m referring to salespersons and people who are in shops and stores.

this morning, although i was absolutely mad at pakku for barking his lungs out and disturbing my sleep, things went quite smooth for the most part. i got up late at around 9:30 am and called the garage. they picked up the phone immediately and in 15 minutes i went to drop off the car at chabahil. they were there on time to take it to the garage. servicing would be done by evening. great!

then i take the bus and come home. sip my tea and munch on some khajurico cookies. (note: i absolutely love those cookies and my maili ama never never never fails to give me a packet when we visit her. so, we never run out of stock on khajurico cookies.) printer’s toner was out of ink and giving some other problems. so i went to new road at the samsung store, right next to that once-upon-a-time famous gudpak pasal (sad story but i never bought stuff there though because it was always packed and i don’t like gudpak, anyways). the guy at samsung immediately got things done for me. didn’t even take more than 10 mins. of course, i got a nice bill coz i had to change some ‘chip’, but that’s okay. as long as it runs and works fine, i’m fine too.

work’s done in new road and i’m back in the 27 C micro to head home.

the biggest headache was getting our computer fixed. it hasn’t been doing so well and well, i also procrastinated on it for months. i usually take it to new road but then it is such a hassle to carry the CPU around. and it’s sooo far for me. well, considering the immediacy of things, i had to get it fixed in a day. so i thought i’d try this computer pasal at bishalnagar, in the shabby building besides the pan pasal, which is besides the tree with a temple, and someone painted that temple STRAWBERRY PINK! (seriously?)

i climb up the stairs to the second floor, expecting some messy looking room with lots of wires and old computer lying around the floor, the table and the closets. well, that’s how some computer pasals are in new road. but then, WALLAH! it was so clean and neat and tidy. honestly, i was nicely surprised to find such a nice computer repair shop near my home. so i tell the guy at the counter the problems with the computer and said i haven’t brought it but i can bring it and he’s like, “well, let’s go now.” GREAT! and so we walked back home and he looked at everything.

turns out the fan was busted and i had almost exploded some ‘chips’ in there which would have cost a lot. no wonder, the sound wasn’t playing well. and sth about drive A: error at the beginning. also, the programs weren’t running. anti-virus was disabled. etc. etc. but i was still using it…what eventually got me to get the computer fixed was that freaking Itunes stopped working and without my source of music i’ll go mental. so i had to get it fixed.

the guy took the CPU to his repairing office and said he’ll drop it back by evening. home delivery, arey wah! now these things make me happy. when people are nice and solve your complicated problems. and when you actually get the service, paying for it doesn’t feel so bad.

other than that, i’m working on uploading stuff on my website. more on screen printing this weekend, promise! :-P and yes, i’m looking forward to the exhibition ‘new expressions on the block’ by 11 artists. it’s opening on 21 december at siddhartha art gallery. excited for the show and sad that the year is winding up too. Live art hub at Martin chautari opened this week on monday. i’m excited to look at the outcomes of their residency programs in february next year. :-) with that note, let there be more art!!!


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