Hello, my name is…

i’m imagining myself at some group session at some conference with people i don’t know. i have  a ‘hello, my name is….’ sticker on my coat and it reads: ‘Hello, my name is Kancha Bhandhari and I am a Hindu housewife’.

Yep. You read that correct. In fact, my identity has come down to that since my visit to Teaching Hospital on Friday evening, December 9, 2011.

As usual, my left foot has been giving me trouble and this time, my left toe was hurting a lot. It is a piercing kind of pain which developed suddenly on Monday. It didn’t help that my best friend was poking fun at me and saying (on repeat all day long), “THEY’RE GOING TO CUT YOUR TOE OFF! and you won’t be able to wear your new shoes.” Imagine the horror of it all! UGH! Turns out there is nothing wrong, as usual. I do all the x-rays for the nth time. I should have a gallery dedicated to my left foot x-rays. And then the over the top casual and annoying  answer comes: ‘tapaiko khutta ma kehi dhekheko chaina.’ I am not sure if i should be relieved because the pain still continues yet there is nothing wrong.

What’s in the new name?

I was waiting for my turn to meet Dr. L L Shah in the orthopedic department. The aunty at the counters make me sit outside coz the queue is long. I wait and then she calls out half an hour later: KANCHA…KANCHAAA…i look at her and assume she’s calling me. Maybe my short hair inspired her to butcher the ‘N’ at the end of my name. And then she adds: Kanchaa…Bhandari…(OK????).

Myaadam there is a huge difference between Burathoki and Bhandari…visually, pronunciation wise, in whatever way. This time i let it go that they spelt Burathoki incorrectly and wrote Budhathoki. Sometimes it’s Budathoki. I’ve learnt to quietly accept these avatars of my names because I can’t explain the entire family history to the receptionist, to the person on the phone, to the bank accountant, to the people at the license department, etc. etc…another thing to blog about. i must get the details of the history of my last name and why it is spelt so.

I sit on the bench inside the waiting area and then I take a look at my pink hospital card. Lo and behold it states that my religion is Hindu and my Occupation is Housewife!!!! WHAT? My sanuba had registered my name and i’m pretty sure they didn’t ask him those questions. so these people just assumed that I am a Hindu housewife. I wonder what gave it away? My age? I’m 26 (turning 27 very sooon). So they assume I am married and I am religious. Neither of those are true. But since, they even got my name wrong, I guess i have to ‘adjust’ with my new (forced upon) identity now. Thank you Teaching Hospital.


so i had to post some hilarious comments from my friends on facebook on this particular post:

L. V.  says: Kancha Bhandari, your toe problem could be a cartilage/soft tissue tear and hence the negative x-ray results, do a MRI for a better diagnosis. Hey whats wrong with being a Hindu Housewife? hahaha

M.S. says: Kancha Bhandari. I think the pain is the result of excessive work you are doing in the kitchen. Maybe a bit more devotion and prayer to Lord Ganesh will give you some rest and peace ;-)


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