ma rides, yo!


18 thoughts on “ma rides, yo!

    • hahahaha…yes of course! but then what if there are too many teleporters and then there’s traffic jam in the teleporting dimension. motion sickness could be possibility, now that you mention it. in my last teleporting attempt i did feel giddy. hahahahaha

  1. Conclusion: You need a bike.. hehe.

    Jokes apart, I really wish the public transport were better in Kathmandu and people would start opting for it rather than having to drive in their private cars or bikes. Imagine the amount of pollution that would be reduced and not to mention the demand for fuel that would actually come down. I also think these big corporate houses and UN related office should hire their own bus for the staffs (I am sure these “biggies” can afford a bus or two) and if the expenses of the fuel is an issue maybe they can cut some from their salary. I am sure the staff would happily contribute to it.

    And while Kathmandu is going under major restructuring of the roads, they might as well maintain a separate lane(on the left side basically) for the public transport and impose some strict to stay on it and the rest can take the other lane. But who are we kidding because that happens only in “Utopian Nepal”.!! :D

  2. Meengma and Kanchang, you guys are just realistic, creative and super entertainer…. You guys made by day with glimpse of what we have to opt for a means of transportation….HAHA

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