printing and preparing drawing for exposure

i re-did the card so that i could add in my website as well…which by the way, is under reconstruction. as in, it’s getting a overhaul..a total overhaul. am excited. it should be ready end of this week. i got this bamboo fun tablet by wacom some months back but hardly use it. utilizing it for drawing out my card though. i hope to make more use of it. :-)

i use a samsung printer and put it at print ‘best’ setting. i print the drawing on 80 gsm paper and i print it double. you’ll see later why. i don’t use tracing paper for printing the stencil because i tried to do that and the printer wasn’t that friendly on the tracing paper..the ink would smudge all over. so i stuck to using regular photocopy paper. the paper we have locally are A4 size, but the Word and printer settings are usually for Letter size paper. I always make sure to change it to A4, so that i don’t lose parts of my drawing and in some cases, so that i make better use of the paper.

i bought a stack of pre-cut nepali paper for visiting cards. i usually get my paper at this shop behind the janabahaa temple in indrachowk. i got this table made at the carpenters…with a glass top, so that it’s easy to clean and has a smooth surface. you need a smooth surface for printing. next step, cut the drawing to the size i need.

i only need two for now, so i separate them and keep the other two for later. i like to make back ups. for exposing you need to have a transparent or translucent surface. light passes through the transparent part and light does not pass through the parts that are black, and therefore you get a stencil after your exposure. since, i am using normal printing paper, i have to make the paper translucent/transparent. and for that i use…CLEAN & CLEAR!!! HAHAHAHHAHA…just kidding. IT’S COOKING OIL in the bottle.

behold, the bottle has cooking oil not face wash.

time for some frying…LOL. put some oil on the table and then soak the paper onto the oil. if you’re thinking that i came up with this technique, you are wrong. i learnt this in college. actually, then we used Johnson baby oil, but that is too expensive for me right now. i thought i’d try cooking oil and it worked. i might get a small bottle of the baby oil and see if it makes a difference sometime later.  too much oil is not good. it shouldn’t be dripping in oil. i usually put it in between newspapers to soak out extra oil or let it dry for some time.

why am i using two of the same drawing? well, i realized that my printer wasn’t so good at printing blaaaaaack i decided to double it up. if it isn’t solid black, light will pass through it and you will not get the results you want. and so i have been doubling it up. (i also feel that there is a better way for this…but…i haven’t figured it out yet)..i tried to find acetate film in stationery stores around town but i couldn’t find them anywhere. but we can always figure out alternatives and also, google for home made stuff. i usually end up at t-shirt forums to get answers to my questions.

wokay! all for now. next up will be exposing the drawing. :-)  i got the squeegees — things with yellow rubber blades — from the screen printing supply store at ranjana galli, new road. you can buy them according to inches – the length of the squeegee. am in the process of writing my artist statement, and woah! i am having a tough time. it is such a difficult task, but taking it one step at a time.


4 thoughts on “printing and preparing drawing for exposure

  1. hehe. i love the concept of screen printing but have never done it. saw some youtube videos and some blogs on it but i havent experimented yet. dont have the confidence :D. i know ranjana galli but no store. could you maybe do a basics on screen printing posts (if not much of a hassel) :D

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