L.M.S. and bargaining skills

i’m semi-under the weather with ruga and khoki…i can go around and about but well, u know how it is..carrying a whole roll of toilet paper in my bag, coughing constantly and wiping my nose every other minute. the skin of my nose (on the sides) are literally peeling. worse, there’s tissue paper stuck on my nose stud and well, i won’t notice it unless i happen to be in front of a mirror. :-P

anyways, ruga or no ruga, time has been speeding for the past few days! literally. at home, we’re all rushing around like we got no tomorrow and shopping and shopping and shopping! and it’s wedding shopping. no, not mine…hahahaha. we’ve been splitting up the shopping list and going on our own to find this and that and that and this. our family, no matter how much in advance we know something is going to happen, is always last minute. L.M.S. – is our motto – Last Minute Shopping. i.e. if the thing is tomorrow morning, at 8 pm tonight we are still shopping.

most probably, i got thag-o-fied today at indrachowk today. buying pote and kapal ma lagaune dori and bangles and tika. u name it, all the bridal jazz. i am bad bad bad, very bad at bargaining. the most i could do alone is lower it by 50 rs (which is pretty much nothing), if the overall price was like 550…

so going in a group with expert friends is handy when shopping for stuff. we (my cousin, me and two friends) were at a kurta pasal yesterday at bag bazaar to buy a readymade kurta. didn’t even know that the design was called ‘umbrella’ kurta and every damn thing has ‘nets’ these days. nets on the sleeve, nets on the chunni, nets on the kurta!!! what the heck are these designs…it’s like people put a whole chandelier on some of the kurtas…good thing my lenses are photochromic (i.e. black in the sun, transparent when not in the sun), other wise i would have gone blind. hmmm…that was an exaggeration, but you get my point.

so the dude was like 6,500 for this kurta we eventually liked! WHATTT…so we go around other shops and tell him, ‘we’ll come back’. and well, we had to go back because we didn’t like any of the other kurtas. and the haggling starts. straight from Rs 3,500! wooohoooo! he’s like no. 4,500. we’re like no, 3,500…and we’re both holding the kurta and talking about the texture and the ‘niskeko dhagos’. hahahah…and my ‘expert’ friend, Miss R is like, “tapaile kata bata leunu bhako? bombay bata ta hola ni…., hoina?” etc etc. “tapaiko margin badi bhaisakyo’.. etc. etc. oh i love, expert at bargaining friends. :-) bargaining in a group is like hunting down a prey. at least for me, because i can’t bargain alone. :-(

We make the deal at Rs 4000. everyone is happy. mostly, we are.

and in the meantime, i am so done with shopping for a while now. i walked around bag bazaar/indrachowk/new road/basantapur area for three hours non-stop today – from one shop to another. like captain haddock, it’s my time to say, ‘blistering barnacles’. by the way, Tin Tin was awesome. it was a lot of fun watching the movie and i was laughing the whole time. i absolutely loved it.

i did manage to go see pechakuchanight ktm last evening. it wasn’t as thrilling as i had expected it to be. :-( i was hoping to see gagan thapa but he was not there, but his name was on the list previously. the title was ‘envisioning nepal in 2020’ and the speakers spoke on their visions in their respective fields from youth, cycle city 2020 and arts to journalism, film making and urban spaces. personally, i agreed with some of them and didn’t agree with some of them. on the whole, i found ‘cycle city 2020’ the most interesting.


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