card & chair

i’d made this sometime back. i think it was when i presented at pechakuchanight kathmandu earlier this year. :-P it’s supposed to be my ‘homemade’ visiting card. ahahah..i printed a few on nepali paper at home and never printed more. hah!

getting nostalgic today. here’s my favorite painting…done by myself. ahahahaha…well, i don’t know why i just love how this chair turned out. we were learning about this painter Richard Diebenkorn in class. It was advanced painting on figures. this was an assignment. this was my chair in my room…that year i was living in the basement floor. i’d taken my bed apart and slept on the floor…i mean with the mattress on the floor…hmm…that has nth to do with this painting, tho. never mind. the year was 2008.

i painted this at night – ultramarine blue, cadium red and alizarin crimson. oil on water color paper. 14 by 14 inches. i usually was broke coz art materials were so expensive!!! so i used to paint thick water color paper with gesso (it’s a white thick paint like stuff you apply on a canvas after it is stretched on bars)…and then paint over it. good thing i did that, because the paintings i made on paper..i could actually bring them back home in my suitcase.


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