screen printing notes from college

so, i found my notes from college on preparing and printing screens using the photo screen process, using a light box or a UV source. these aren’t fully relevant locally but i’m going to type it out. in the next post, i’ll write about how i’v been doing it. well, starting to. :-P

am going to type whatever i wrote and well, some of it may not make sense.

1. Do One time: Abrade the fabric, make sure back side is up, wet the screen first, use paper towel (not hazardous) to rub, do it on both sides, lift the screen and rinse off well.

2. Degrease the screen: emulsion needs to stick on the screen, use harsh soap and water, wear gloves, use paper towel, wet the screen, use small amount (of soap) because it is highly concentrated, degrease the area you will use, not necessary to do the entire screen, do this on both sides, rinse with COLD water. needs to completely dry.

3. Apply photo emulsion: screen has to be completely dry, use the applicator (contains sensitizer), wear gloves, hazardous material, use a clean dry rubber spatula to transfer emulsion into trough, put the screen on the floor at an angle, tip the trough until the emulsion comes in contact, tilt and apply emulsion, do this on both sides, take out extra by trough rocked backwards, needs to dry away from light, it is shiny when wet.

4. exposing: box with fluorescent tubelights that give off ultraviolet light, image will be exposed, image is on top (do not reverse), put screen on image, place black foam on top of the scree, piece of plywood or some weight, set timer,15 mins is the average time for exposing, for extremely fine details less than 13 mins, automatically shuts off, immediately take screen to water.

5. coldwater on both sides of the screen, don’t rush, do it softly and gradually increase pressure.


it’s a little incomplete and weird to understand. more explanation in the next post!


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