rekha thapa’s andaj

we have a problem. mostly, my friend. we can’t stand rekha thapa and her rings – which she has to wear in every movie. she has rings in all her fingers. can’t stand those RINGS! i know, it seems like the least of the problems but to bear watching rekha thapa on screen is tough in itself and those rings! yikes. and i absolutely can’t stand her lipstick and their colors, which really don’t suit her. she should stick to natural colors.

so we were off to gopi krishna (although i avoid going there coz of the dim screens) to watch ‘mero rajesh dai’, but unfortunately it had been taken out. :-( to our dismay, we had high hopes of swooning over rajesh hamal…hahahahaha…but that dream was shattered. so our second choice was ‘ANDAJ’, starring Rekha Thapa and two other heroes – whose names i can’t seem to find anywhere.

the two actors were good – at least, i’d seen them onscreen for the first time and i thought they did some decent acting. and for the average, nepali hero they are good looking too. except in some parts, they were both like sharukh khan wannabes but that blame has to go to the director/choreographer/stylist. and the poster above, the one in the purple shirt…he played ‘rajiv malla’…looks like hrithik roshan wannabe. and other hero’s character’s name is ‘Aditya/Gaurav’.

the songs in the movie are good. if you’ve heard that famous song ‘simple, simple..kanchi ko dimple parne gala’..well it’s in this movie. it’s the first song. i thought all the songs were pretty nice actually. and the filming was quite different. different in the sense that picturesque locations and cliffs have been around in nepali film songs for a while now, but this movie has picturesque places that i haven’t seen before. they really tried hard to find some great locations for shooting the songs. that needs some mention.

well, part of the movie is also in mustang and they have horses and all…that was quite awesome. some nice moors and meadows, and ruins of houses…and well, they still do have cliffs and bhirs that has one big rock protruding out and of all places the hero and heroine want to go and stand on that very specific boulder and spread they’re arms wide like in titanic.

these are the extra stuffs in the movie. the main story – which i am trying to avoid explaining – was nothing but mediocre. BUT, i’ll definitely say that it was better that Ek din Ek Raat..which is by far the silliest movie i’ve seen this year, including ‘Swor’. I have no clue why they titled the movie ‘Andaj’…isn’t that supposed to mean like ‘guess’ or you know estimate…anuman launu. and if that’s the meaning i really don’t see how one can correlate it to the story, which iss…..SPOILER!

PREETI, an orphan who lives in a hostel in kathmandu and RAJIV, a rich owner of an malla architect (also lost his parents), fall in love. typical love story…guy persuades girl for a bit and then she says yes. all is good and then they sing and dance! alas, there is a DON and his brother who want their TAX money from malla architects. while they are singing and dancing the Don ko brother shoots at Rajiv. but Preeti sees him and takes the shot. Right at that moment, they were standing on a cliff and doing ‘titanic’ pose. Preeti takes the shot and falls of the cliff and dies.

and….Rajiv is so frustrated that another tragedy song starts playing. two minutes after she dies. so song after song. now he is so lost.  Rajiv’s friend and kaka try to convince him to take a trip to Mustang and stay there to forget his past and preeti. BUT, wait a minute…..

He goes to mustang. As soon as the door of the house, he’s supposed to stay in opens, he sees PREETI! alive. but in a different hairstyle and without her mole. :-P (rekha thapa’s mole got made up for the second half)

That my friends, is SHEETAL. she lives with her aunt and uncle (who don’t have their own children) in Mustang. She grew up in Mustang, so she’s in no way Preeti. They show photos of her childhood as evidence of that.

Rajiv is stunned. ‘bhanicha sansar ma hamro jastai anuhar bhayeko aru pani hunchan re….Rajiv talai bhagwan le arko mauka diyeko cha…’ etc. etc. etc. Rajiv falls in love with Sheetal and when he’s about to tell her his feelings. BOOOM! no, not another gun shot.

Sheetal is already in love with ADITYA, a tourist guide. Aditya proposes to her on valentine’s day and they are all set to marry…when Aditya has to leave and gets killed in a airplane crash. :-( sob sob soB…sheetal is heartbroken and her aunt and uncle are worried about her and so Rajiv tells them that he’ll marry her. and sheetal has no choice (apparently). so they get married and come to Kathmandu.

In kathmandu, sheetal who is still in love with aditya, sees that she looks like Preeti. she’d been blaming rajiv that he doesn’t know true love, etc. etc. but after seeing preeti’s photo and learning about the incident, her heart melts. and then they both go to honeymoon to lumbini and sing and dance again. right at that time, a gadi whizes by on the road and guess who Sheetal sees : Aditya!

UGH! by this time, i was so going to suffocate with the story line. u can imagine that for real, me holding on the neck and trying to strangle myself.

aditya, aditya adityaaaaa…she goes running after the gadi, but in vain. she is disturbed and is convinced it’s him. but rajiv is like ‘he’s dead’…so he goes to confront the dude, who says his name is ‘gaurav’, not aditya. sheetal is still no convinced and so rajiv pursuits gaurav and they have a fight in the streets. later, rajiv overhears this gaurav talking to his friend and finds out that he is indeed Aditya himself.

tyo din, airport ma…ekassi euta phone ayo..mero boss lai hospital lagnu parecha, ra tyesaile maile mero ticket arko sathi lai diye…

so Aditya had never got on the plane. sheetal is like i want to meet him, etc. etc. but he’s left the hotel. so rajiv and sheetal follow aditya and try to find him. in all of that the gadi breaks down in the middle of the highway and guess what, the Don’s brother reappears and there is a fight again. Rajiv is shot and they end up at this nurse’s house! gosh. the next day is TEEJ and there’s this total unnecessary teej dancing and singing. so so sooo stupid. not mocking Teej, but the jabarjasti geet ghusaunu parne kya.

etc. etc. etc. etc.

gunda comes again with his gang and are chasing rajiv. sheetal goes to aditya. but in a minute aditya is also fighting, helping rajiv. they fight and fight and fight and fight. some hilarious slow motion scenes. dude you can’t beat matrix or dabang…so don’t even try. anyways, the fight is over and the police get there just in time to arrest the don…tapai harulai dhanyabad…yo don most wanted list ma cha…

now, i was snoring. :-P

finally the story ends. aditya is like my responsibility is to give sheetal to you. it was so hum dil de chuke sanam ki k garne. and that’s how it ended.

and the song ‘simple simple’ stuck in our heads for the whole day.



8 thoughts on “rekha thapa’s andaj

  1. a classic copy of Kaho Na Pyar Hai if you switch the hero with the heroine…so if you lay out the plot, the foundation of the movie is KHPH. and then the story seems to build on with multiple, complex weaving of movies like hindi amisha patel, arjun rampal, priyanka chopra, akshya kumar wala tyo movie ko whole genre thiyo ni ekchoti and then the other one with (i seem to be forgetting the names) but yes, definitely some of those Amisha Patel era movies. wah, kya andaz cha!

    • oh my goodness!!! you are so right. i didn’t think of kaho naa pyar hai. hahahahahhahahahhahahaha….yeah, wah kya andaj cha! hehehehehehe (since the movie is a copy, i’ll copy your dialogue too :-P)

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