friends, friends and friends

last two weeks have been heavy socializing. i wasn’t into the whole zone of hanging out with friends as much, but it so happened that plans would come up on the same day and some days i’ve been bumping into friends after years, right in the middle of the road or at the most random cafe, or at the durbar square at 7 pm at night during tihar. bringing back all kinds of memories and fun times. and so, i’ve been thinking of my friends lately. a whole lot of friends. :-)

i’m really fortunate to have a vast mixed circle of friends: school friends, first job friends, college friends, second job friends, friend’s friends, friend’s friend’s friends, third job friends and yes, friends who have none of the aforementioned associations but have become life-long jigs (as they say in dharan for ‘jigri dost’). life would be boring without any of these jigs.

i’m not much of an expressive person and i hardly can say ‘i miss you’ to my friends because i just don’t (even though i miss them). it’s kind of annoying to my friends, i guess, but they know me, so it’s also fine. i remember writing about how i don’t like getting hugged…one of my friend’s from college would try to hug me but i always froze. hahahahaha. u know all the affections friends normally share, i’m really bad at that. so i guess, i’m writing this post. it’s not friendship day or anything, etc. etc. but wanted to let them all know how much I appreciate all of them.

friends to have tea with at the square (and do ‘people watch’ LOL), friends to have tea with at midnight, friends to go to the galleries with, friends to go dancing with (yes, stimes i do that), friends to go to the bar with, friends who’ll drop me home at 2 am..(hahahaha), friends to go shopping with, friends to just sit around with, ah, friends to go watch silly nepali movies with, friends to go to silly fun park and play on the columbus, friends to go on an hour and a half long traffic jam ride just to eat some sekuwa, friends who’ll sit cramped up in the back of the car for a ride to bhaktapur, friends to go to the silly haunted house at ktm mall, friends to eat breakfast with, friends to come to my silly hat party, friends to go see gigs with, friends to go see bryan adams with, friends i meet once a year but that once year is all we need, friends who’ll hold up the phone and listen to my nonsensical ramblings, friends who are blatantly honest that they’re my wake up calls, friends who just get me (and those who don’t get me but are still friends anyways hahaha).

friends to go to the lake with and sit at the dock at midnight, friends to go for exam breaks with (and end up having wine instead of the hot chocolate we intended to have), friends to have sea weed wrap and rice at 1 am, friends whom i am not even in touch with in a regular basis but are still my best friends, friends who can forgive and forget my mistakes, friends to go and eat ice cream with even during winter, friends to go on long bus rides, friends to listen to backstreet boys with, friends to argue with, friends to share ideas and opinions, friends who always make me feel better, friends who give me strength, courage and confidence, friends to write letters and postcards to, friends who make me smile, friends to go on long walks with on the roads of ktm, friends to share poems with, and my dearest friends who are in canada, usa and australia. to them i say: come back to ktm soon! hahahaha…

except for one, coz she’s from the US…that’s sad coz i really wish we were in the same city of the world but yeah, there’s gchat and skype. that’s one story to tell…how we became friends…we were in an english class and the two of us were the only ones who wouldn’t speak a single word. and then we had tennis together…both truly ‘fantastic’ players. i was so good at it that the coach said, “you are holding the racket like a cricket bat!” so much for my career in tennis. :-P we never took another class together after that, but that was it. she’s unofficially as nepali as one can get. i think my three nepali roommates and i nepalized her. she even tried to make ‘dal’ coz she loved the dal i used to make. and yeah, i made ‘chicken feet’ at home, coz i loved the chicken feet she made. i stocked up on fish sauce, oyster sauce and tom yum paste after i came home and i’m sure she went and bought indian spices. :-) although once we had a fight over food hahahaha..and we became friends again at this karaoke singing thing. we weren’t really talking but we went up on stage and sang a song together. it was hilarious. hahahahhahaha. what are friends for, right!

this list is inexhaustible. so i’ll just end here. and give a toast of tea for friends who are yet come along! there is nothing like tea and friends. so to more tea with my dearest friends. although…some of you actually don’t drink tea but still sit next to me while i sip tea :-).


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