so busy

well, to add on to our misery, pakku killed a cat last night. yep. this time he really killed one.

been really busy in the past few days. writing mostly at work and filling out applications. really exhausted from the formal writing that i haven’t had time to do blog. anyways, last friday i took a trip to the zoo. well, didn’t really intend to go or ‘take’ a trip. but i happened to be in the area and with some time in my hands, i thought, ‘why not?’ do some excursion.

here are some pics, according to how my excursion started :-P

not sure, who’d do that. but i guess, someone did. what a scary painting. not judging it artistically, but the idea of it.

the himalayan blue sheep above, and below is a BIG POTATO floating in some dirty and muddy water. hahahahaha

hmmm….it’s the hippo taking a dip.

Say hello to Shiva (the tiger).  Well, he was hidden in the dark, so no real photos of him. but he was sleeping on his back. looked quite cute. hahaha.

here’s another kitty dozing on a branch..

And now some birdies below.

i think i over did the photos on birds..

and to end it with a big bang…hahaha…it so happened that this animal started doing his toilet right when i was about to leave the zoo. this is the last animal you see.


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