been a sad day

early this morning i was at the Kathmandu Animal Treatment center at chapali gaon, budhanilkantha. i had to make the decision to put down a cat. :-(

yesterday evening the stray cat wandered into our compound. our dog, pakku (am so angry with him) charged at it. bit the cat and flung it around, until ritu and ama could take them apart. pakku was going crazy. we had to shut him up inside the house. i didn’t see what happened, but ritu wasn’t able to sleep well last night. i got home some 20 mins after it happened and ama, bajai and ritu were trying to get give the cat some milk. but of course, she was very defensive and each time we put our hands near her, she’d hiss and attack.

the cat’s rear was totally immobilized. she was dragging herself behind the plants and trying to hide from us. we had to do something about it. get her to the vet and give her medical attention. but where were we going to keep her with the monstrous pakku around? he’d kill her.

i looked up KAT center’s number on the net and called them. the guy who picked up told me to bring her immediately because all the staff were gone and no one could come pick up. well, it was a big and risky task to even try and pick her up and she was in a lot of pain. she wasn’t bleeding much but she was limping terribly and purring/whining occasionally. it was difficult to look at her state. but after coaxing her for a bit, three of us got her into a bora ko jhola. we tied the jhola and put her in the car and went off to KAT center.

We left her at the center but the doctors would come in only next morning. she crawled to the corner of the room where the cats are kept. there were two others – fat ones. filled out the form and i was asked to come at 10 am today.

and so when i went this morning, i found out that pakku’s bite hadn’t really harmed her much. the vet asked me many times if she was hit by a car. and i said no, well, because i hadn’t seen it happen and wasn’t even at home when pakku attacked her. she would have been able to escape the dog if she hadn’t been badly hurt already…was what the vet said. in a way, i was relieved because pakku’s bites weren’t severe and that someone else had hurt her…but still, it was difficult to see her in pain and to know that she’d been hit. since i’d signed up with my name, this cat was now ‘mine’. sort of…they were saying ‘tapai ko ‘ biralo…etc etc. what a pain…

treatment could be done, she was a fairly young cat, but she was in a lot of pain…her rear leg was fractured, she probably has some maggots inside her, the vet said, she has diarrhea and her urinary bladder seems to be damaged too. the vet couldn’t even touch her and she would wince and she would probably be paralyzed if she survived…whew! if i would take her home after they treated her, they would begin treatment…but with pakku around, that was impossible. one of the staff was trying to convince me that cats and dogs can live together…i knew that, but pakku was clearly dangerous. and to have a paralyzed cat around, i mean that sounds just terrible for the cat too.

saying yes to put her down was all i could do at that point. she was tooo hurt to fully recover.


i come home and eat lunch and prepare to leave for work…when we see other small puppy in our compound. it got in through the holes in our gate….gosh, the’s happened before too. and well, pakku being the monster attacked the pup too. i was so so so mad, i hit pakku with a brick but he still wouldn’t let go. he was holding the pup in his mouth and like shaking it…oh myan it was so scary. i know now why ritu couldn’t sleep.

we managed to get pakku off the pup soon and chased him with sticks and locked him up. i picked the pup. luckily, he wasn’t hurt. pakku didn’t bite him rahecha…just picked him up. the pup was so shocked. i let him go outside our gate. the pup lives right outside our house, our neighbor’s pup..but they don’t have a proper house and live in a shack. even when i first saw the pup, i was angry at why they had brought him in the first place. they’d even asked my cousin sis if we wanted to take him. if you can’t keep a pet and take care of it, don’t get one. i sound nasty, but it really annoys me to see malnourished pets. we already feed another neighbor’s dog every day, and i have a feeling that we’ll end up feeding this new pup too…eventually it will become a street dog that hangs around our house.


3 thoughts on “been a sad day

  1. I totally agree with you. People who can’t or don’t want to look after a pet shouldn’t get one. The neighborhood I live in has a number of abandoned dogs. I also have a jerk of a neighbor who feeds his dog nothing but a bowl of watery rice day in and day out! It’s not that he can’t afford it; he can, but he’s too cheapskate to feed his dog a decent meal. My husband has now made it his business to feed all the neighborhood dogs, including the neighbor’s, every day.

    Sorry to hear about the cat. But I think you made the right decision to put the poor creature out of its misery. And please, don’t be mad at your Pakku. Though it sounds like he has some anger management issues, it’s possible he’s just hardwired to be ferociously protective of his masters and their property. May be a trainer could help? :)

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