i can’t remember what i was going to write next. i was going to fill the empty spaces with text, but i got distracted..can’t remember by what. anyways, this is one of very few drawings i did while i was in Taji, my village in lamjung district.

Malya – as my bajai calls him – is a year old. he’s cute looking – just like his mother. anyways, at first he was trying to hit me and was attacking me a lot, coz i was a new person.. but later he followed me easily. in fact, he doesn’t like my bajai so he wouldn’t listen to her at all. hahaha…i took malya, with my baje, to the ghopte (field) each day while I was there in Taji. Learnt to tie and untie him and to lead him to the ghopte, we went around 11 am. he usually runs back home after the day is over..around 5 ish pm.

on the supposed last day of my visit, an aringal incident took place when my ama and me went to fetch malya from ghopte. the incident extended a day of our stay! i’ll save the details of the story for the next entry. it’s a long one :-).



4 thoughts on “Malya

  1. hope the aringal didnt sting you. Loved your painting, the words esp Malya licks the cat. you should have got their pic and posted here :)

    yes yes welcome back. and for the remaining story, all ears open!

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