back in ‘nepal’

going to kathmandu, once a upon a time, was going to ‘nepal’. it was the same for our village, Taji in Lamjung. I’m back in ‘nepal’ i.e. Kathmandu after a week in Lamjung. I had a great time and have toooo many stories to write and share…yes, i was gone for a week, but so much happened in it that i felt like I was gone for a longer time.

still recovering from vacation mode :-) but more than that, i am recovering from three ARINGAL STINGS! That was probably the biggest highlight of this trip…me getting stung by a dangerous wasp/s in our khet. it was sooo sooo sooooo very painful. i’d never experienced anything that painful ever in my life!!! okay, i’ll save the details for later….:-)

hope your dashain was fun!


5 thoughts on “back in ‘nepal’

  1. ever try roasted aringal? we had a hive at our house (the wasps were HUGE!) and to get rid of them, apparently you have to burn their hive down. apparently roasted aringal (ho ki roasted the hive) is supposed to be a delicacy re. unfortunately we burnt the hive down using a kerosene soaked cloth so the hive was burnt to a crisp…as were the wasps.
    don’t they say that like 3-4 stings is supposed to kill you? (simultaneous i assume)

    • hahahah….well, thankfully i am alive! yeah, i heard that some villagers in other villages have died coz a whole hive stung them. that is scary myan. i’ve never tried roasted aringals though….hahahaha…my friend was telling me that he used to eat the larva of barulas…they are tasty re. :-P delicacies pani kasto kasto…hahaha…i had some snail like stuff at my friend’s village in birgunj few years back. it was really good!

      • being stung by an entire hive, yikes!!! were they hunting for honey ki just an unfortunate accident? larva of barula’s..hmm..maybe thats what my dai was telling me about…i can’t remember now :S. tara of course, delicacies are always weird, what to do. I wonder if they have restaurants here that serve delicacies like snails and snakes and whatnot..probably a super secret place hai, otherwise health inspectors might bust in and be in for a surprise and shut it down because of all the insects everywhere! lol

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