ta ta kathmandu

i was supposed to go to lamjung today, but due to unavoidable circumstances, everybody, except for me (and because of me another cousin) couldn’t go this morning. well, it turned out to be for the better because i got to watch ‘journey to yarsa’ at film south asia today. thank goodness i had gone two hours early to buy our tickets for the 1:15 show. i wouldn’t have been able to go to the rescreening at 7:30 pm. I enjoyed the documentary and really appreciate the filmmaker’s job. took him three years to research and make it. i’d never known that the yarsagumba hunt was this intense and risky. not so much in the mood to delve into the details of the documentary, but it turned out to be way better than i had expected. you must watch it if you get a chance.

about lamjung, my cousin and i will be taking the micro bus to bhoteodar, where we will have lunch. then off we go across the marshyangdi river and up up up up and uphill…the uphills never end..seriously, i always wonder, why our ancestors even decided to go so high into the hills to live. hhmmm..but i guess, it’s better than being way way up in the himalayas hahaha. our destination will be the village of Salme, my cousin’s village. i will bas basne at her home tomorrow night.

on monday morning, i will walk upto to pit danda..where they have the annual football competition..it’s a lot of fun.hehehe….i wrote about it in 2009. i think i will miss it this time, though. past pit danda, i go walking and walking and walking to Taji village. That is my final destination. If i leave early in the morning from Salme, I should get to Taji before sunset. It’s uphill from Salme and then from pit danda, it is tersai terso..they dug up a road but vehicles don’t get up to the road in the rainy season. there’s a huge landslide before pit danda…it swept away houses a few years back. there is a big rock in the landslide that people had begun to worship…coz it resembled some god. hmmm…

Taji, my maternal grandparent’s village, lies in the Lamjung border that faces Gorkha. (actually, the whole of the east side of lamjung district borders Gorkha district…) At the bottom of the two big hills is Chepe river. You know that famous song from seema rekha movie, chepe khola tarualaaaa…yep. am going to Taji after two years. I was there in 2009.


the joke of the day:

i had to get one of those instant passport photos today. my hair was in such a mess and so i was trying to fix it in the studio. i was sitting on that stool and the camera dude was getting ready, when this traffic police officer walked in (the photo studio is like 5 seconds from the roundabout) and began removing his orange raincoat. am just sitting on the stool and he makes small talk with the camera dude.

then he notices me (and i guess my short hair) and asks me, “bahini police ma ho?” (are you in the police?)

hahahahhaha…i just laugh out loud and say, “hoina..” (no) and just coz i find it’s so funny i add, “Ma army ma ho.” hahahahhahaha (i’m in the army.) hahahahahhaha….he’s like, “eh, ho?” hahahhahah…well, i didn’t want to make up any more guff, so i politely say that i’m in neither. the camera dude is still laughing later.

i tell this funny incident to my cousin sis at home and she adds, “well it’s better than asking are you a girl or boy.” true true



i’ll be back in a week’s time. till then, ta ta kathmandu and happy dashain. i’ll be back with a few extra pounds and a great tanned look. hahahahaha.

also thank you everyone for reading and visiting my blog. :-)


2 thoughts on “ta ta kathmandu

  1. Have a safe trip and enjoy yourself with baje, bajai, ama and everyone in Taji gau. I didn’t realise that its been 2 years since you went to Taji….how tme fies! Had fun reading about your photo studio talk….it’s funny!


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