I don’t want genetically modified maize


i can’t believe this effing piece of news. go away monsanto. i want my apples and oranges with seeds.



3 thoughts on “I don’t want genetically modified maize

  1. I don’t think any independent scientific study has been conducted so far to establish the safety of GM crop and its long term impact on human health and environment. While the rest of the world, including farmers in the US, are saying no to GMO, it’s a shame that USAID and Nepal Government think it’s fine to use Nepal as a guinea pig to fill the pockets of some rich American seed maker. Recently, Greenpeace India led a successful movement against the Indian Government’s plans to introduce the commercial cultivation of a genetically modified brinjal. Is there any organization in Nepal that can spearhead a similar Anti-GM crop movement?

    • we don’t need a so-called ‘green revolution’ that’s going to leave our soil dead, need more irrigation water, kill our indigenous farming techniques, kill various species of crops, create debt for farmers and bring about a famine….they’ll only be greater production in the short run..in the long run, we’ll be depending on monsanto for all seeds, buying their fertilizers, before we know it, they’ll be patenting every damn cob in the country and suing farmers.

      i don’t know if there is an org that can lead an anti-GM crop movement.

  2. i think every single banana on earth is a genetically modified one. i could be wrong because i heard this elementary school, so it could be that that most banana species (types?) are seed-less but i distinctively recall the fifth grade smart alec go, “see! all of our bananas have no seed! i’m right!”

    which is to say i think it’s only a matter of time before michael j fox and back to the future 3 is a reality. we’ll order one inch wide pizza and microwave it out =/ would be nice if scientists waited a few more centuries to do that though.

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